It’s up there. Full of hot air and fluffy and cuddly. But the real cloud-based solutions are down-to earth, in secure buildings, with the most resilient connections and unattractive to look at. And that’s where you’ll find CHAIN (Centrix High Availability IP Network).

Centrix have partnered with the largest data centre in the UK to host our equipment and solutions and to host the equipment of our customers, should you so wish. Our network runs on enterprise-grade Cisco equipment with gigabit interconnects to tier-1 carriers (such as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media, Gamma etc.). There isn’t a part of the UK we can’t reach and, through global partnerships, the globe.

In 2014 Centrix made the decision to invest in our own cloud-based IP PBX telephony solution, using the Avaya Aura platform to be able to offer a full managed service to our telephony customers using the flexibility and scalability and functionality of the Avaya Aura solution, and not the usual basic functionality offered by many of the carriers. At the core of our solution sits a pair of VmWare servers running Avaya Aura, Avaya Session Manager, Avaya System Manager, Avaya Aura Messaging, Avaya Aura Conferencing and Avaya Contact Recorder.


CHAIN (Centrix High Availability IP Network) already has hundreds of users across the UK that are benefitting from feature-rich telephony, resilience, scalability and an “opex” pricing model. If you want to know more and to understand more about this unique solution then click here.

Perhaps you’re simply looking for a small amount of rack space without the usual commitments you need to give to data centres, CHAIN can offer you a simple monthly commitment priced per U or rack space. No installation costs and no long-term agreements.    Send article as PDF