Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

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2014 turned out to be a good year for Centrix and another year of growth. Turnover for the year was £8.7m which was a circa 10% increase from 2013. Whilst a lot of this can be put down to improvements in the UK economy in general, it also has a lot to do with the staff of Centrix and their commitment to our customers and our suppliers.

Richard Burbage, Sales & Marketing Director for Centrix describes in more detail how 2014 was for Centrix; “There’s no denying that 2014 has finished on a high for Centrix, not least of which can be put down to an industry-beating improvement to our turnover and profitability for the year. Each year, with the exception of 2008/9 when most UK businesses suffered a downturn, we’ve continued to grow and 2014 turned out to even better than the last good year, 2008, before things took a slight downturn. What we’ve seen in 2014 is a pent-up demand for equipment and services from companies who’ve had a freeze on spending since the recession and this is slowly coming through in an increasing number of orders. And perhaps what makes it even more exciting is that the order book for 2015 already looks healthy”.

Centrix, since their inception in 2000, have continued to be in the top 5% of telecom resellers in the UK in terms of profitability and turnover-per-employee. There are very few companies that are run so well yet deliver value-for-money to their customers. If you’d like to understand better our financial performance and stability then please click here for more information.    Send article as PDF   
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