The old adage that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one, very much applies to how we think about retaining customers through the service that we offer. But it’s also about delivering award-winning solutions even after the installation. After all, you’ve made an investment and have the right to expect years of trouble-free use. This is only possible through regular maintenance and software updates and access to a 24×7 Helpdesk to diagnose problems.

Our service delivery starts from our award-winning Helpdesk. And, refreshingly, you’ll find your telephone call or email answered by a human being with product knowledge and not just a person who logs the call whilst you wait for a call back. Having a relatively few number of products and vendors makes the way we deliver our service all the easier. Whilst we fully advocate the use of technology to cope with the peaks and troughs of demand with our customers, we have a simply philosophy with how we service our customers. We don’t use automated attendants or email auto-replies. We employ a team of Helpdesk engineers who are all product trained and ready to answer your call or reply to your email. It’s often the single biggest thing that customers say they like about Centrix; easy to do business with and easy to engage with.

But what are the services we offer and how do we deploy them?


24×7 Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk is manned 24×7 and employs Avaya and Cisco-trained engineers. You simply call our Helpdesk number or email us (the information is provided at the point of installation) and somebody will handle your call and work with you to diagnose the problem and how to rectify it, switfly. All calls and outcomes are logged on our CRM system which allows us to monitor and track response times and product reliability and to look for patterns. Our Helpdesk is offered to all customers as part of their Service Agreement.

On-Site Engineer

Centrix employ on-site engineers for the purpose of either equipment installations or on-site maintenance. These engineers are home-based and are employed directly by Centrix. Often these are Helpdesk engineers who’s career progression has lead them to become on-site engineers. They are product trained and able to fix most faults on-site. Using our CRM system and their smartphone/laptop they’re able to see all the relevant information relating to the fault logged with our Helpdesk and to close a job down or to escalate it to a manager if they think it’s appropriate

Manufacturer Support

For products from Avaya, Cisco and Medusa. we have the support of the manufacturer for everything from enquiries, to bug fixes, firmware updates and escalations. The majority of our Service Agreements involve an element back-off to the manufacturer to ensure we have access to all the latest updates and higher level of support, when required.

Data Centre Engineer

We have two engineers who’s job it is to remotely monitor our data centre equipment and also to attend site if required. Their job is solely to ensure the smooth-running of CHAIN (Centrix High Availability IP Network) and to carry out periodic maintenance and updates, when required.

International Support

A number of our UK-based customers have expanded around the globe and have taken us a partner with them. Our largest Avaya customer has offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong etc. You may be wondering how we support those countries? All initial faults are still handled by our 24×7 Helpdesk in order to establish what the diagnosis is and who will be best place to remedy the situation. If it’s necessary for a site visit or a hardware swap-out then we enlist the help of the vendor or reseller in that country. In other words, we will have backed-off the local support in tandem with your contract with us, so we can immediately call upon our partner to assist.

Customer Service

No matter how good your service maybe there will always come a time when the time to fix or resolve a fault is not within the guidelines we set ourselves or perhaps the customer. This does happen from time to time and it’s how we react to these problems that sets us apart. All customers know the name of our Customer Service Manager (Geoff Weeks) who oversees how we deliver customer support. He’s your first point of call if you’re not happy. In the highly unlikely event that you still feel a fault isn’t being given prominence then just ask to speak to a director of the business. There are 3 directors of Centrix who are office-based. If you ask to speak with one you will be transferred to one. If you’ve worked with Centrix a long time then you’ll probably already have their mobile numbers too. None of the staff of Centrix hide behind voicemails or automated attendants. It’s this openness which again our customers find refreshing.    Send article as PDF