Just about everything in life is about partnerships. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. But, as we’ve probably all learnt over the years, it’s about choosing the right partner and making sure you keep the communication going so you don’t end up wanting different things.

Centrix  have a very limited number of partners. The less you work with the more you know them. And less, is more. An example of the types of businesses we partners with…..


Widely regarded as the market leaders, and innovators, of all-things telephony. From their initial heritage as AT&T through to Lucent Technologies and, since 2000, as Avaya, there isn’t another telecoms vendor out there that offers the same scalability, functionality and reliability. We should know, we’ve partnered with Avaya now since 1996 when they were AT&T.

With over 300 deployed Avaya solutions in the UK and across the world, we have one of the largest customer base and certainly the most knowledge of the Avaya Aura solution (formerly Communication Manager and before that, Definity). Avaya also supply to us their edge POE switches and wireless solutions.


A manufacturer that needs no introduction. There probably isn’t a communication happening in the world right now that isn’t passing through a piece of Cisco kit. We partner with Cisco for ethernet switching, routers and in our CHAIN (Centrix High Availability IP Network) solution for their carrier-grade switches and firewalls.


Unless you work in the serviced office space, you’ve probably never heard of Medusa; it’s a unique product and one that we’ve been involved with the development and supply of for nearly 10 years. Put simply, Medusa is 5 products rolled in to one. It’s a bandwidth shaper/slicer, it’s a firewall, it’s a switch, it’s a reporting engine and it’s a billing engine. It allows multis-tenanted buildings to take one or more internet connections and to share those connections to multiple companies. And then to report and bill those businesses.

Our work with business centres and serviced offices goes back to the late 1990s. Since then we’ve supplied internet and telephony solutions to over 200 British business centres. And Medusa is a key element of those solutions.    Send article as PDF